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  • Servermaintenence tomorrow 16:00 20.09.2018

    We will do tomorrow the Weekly Servermaintenence at 16:00 Servertime.

  • Updates 13.09.2018

    Added Lucky Charm and Linking Hammer Lv7 to Map 30 and 15 Added new boss to DD1 / D-Water / Jungle and DD2 (Goddess Access / Sonic, Flash / Ele Lv1) Added no effect game.exe to Website. Eteo Cheese has Cast Time now. Decreased Price from Nosses to 5 Force Points. Resurrection Runes are free now. 100 Force Points removed from Item Mall and added to Npc. Portals added to Auctionhouse for OI (11:00 - 14:00 and 19:00 - 22-:00) Gatekeepers cost 1 million now. (Auctionhouse) Added Guards to Dios Exiel ( Spawn Point ) Added Guards on DD1 (Hill) Added Helmet to Lv15 Boss.  

  • Sorry for the Unexpected Maintenence

    Our Host updated their servers. Thats why our Dedicated Server shut downed. Thanks for your patience.

  • Winners Facebook Share Event

    Congratz to 32 Winners for Sharing the Facebook Post. Enjoy playing Shaiya Force. We are happy for every single player playing here. Here you can see the List below who successfully won this Event. Thanks to your support!: Fur. Dimention Lycos Boo Eatforyou Aron Lex Ragno [GS]Misery 1Ra Ton Kuremaw-F ChiP Mercury Metagross Magisty Tequilla Toremneon Ban Sam Sure xLoSs Spartacus Ragno tripl Mits TearHarribel ATAT AvaLance EvilArthas qwe ImToHot


    SHARE and LIKE this Post will get you rewarded with Weekly Donation Points. You have to SHARE and LIKE this Post 10 times per Week. You have to post your CharName under the Comment from this Post. All rewards will be given on Sunday 01.09.2018 at 08:00 and 20:00 Servertime. You will be rewarded for 250 Donation Points every Week! Copy and Paste this Link on your Browser and SHARE/LIKE this Post on facebook! Only 1 - 2 Shares per Day allowed! https://shaiya-force.com/community/share-like-event

  • Update-News 24.08.2018

    - MP and SP removed from Resurrection Skill - Dimensions Portal on Pando and Skulleron removed. - Added another Cast Group to Great Healing Potions. Not anymore with Movement Stone. - Lowered HP from Kimuraku and Shaiya Force Boxes - Increased DropRate for Etins

  • EXP-Boost Event still on since 04.08.2018 - 31.08.2018

    The EXP-Boost will be back after the 01.09.2018. Dont miss the EXP-Boost. It will be back to x60. Have fun everyone and call all your friends!

  • There is still a problem with 150 slot raid

    After 60 people join the raid. Server crashes. We are currently working on it. Thats why we cant do shared kill raid for now. Please understand us. We are still working on it. After we fixed everything it will be stable again. Just have patience.

  • Monster Madness Event tomorrow 17:00 Servertime

    We are doing tomorrow at 17:00 Servertime a Monster Madness Event. At 18:00 we will doing PVP Event. Call all your friends to join the epic fun!!

  • Server Under Maintanence

    Sorry for the Inconvenience. We are under work to fix that problem. As we find that bug that occure the Server crash. After that the server will be stable again. Please have patience. We are working on it. If we are online we make big Monster Madness Event and other Events.

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